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By Scott Bailey ⓒ 2017 I anticipateThe dissipationOf the allThe scatteringOf goalsThe rise of dreamsTo rideUpon the mistsTo be blownUpon the windsTo resideIn cloudsAnd hideIn treesTo sleepIn earthDrink waterSup sunlightWeep rainAnd sigh Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on

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Game of Thrones – the Payoff

Last season (Season 5), I was getting more and more worried about Game of Thrones. Sure I loved it kept me gripped and on the edge of my seat - wanting the next episode to come as quickly as possible. But that in a way was my worry. Most of that tension came from the sudden… Continue reading Game of Thrones – the Payoff

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Game of Thrones – a thought – Spoilers

I may be way behind everyone here but a line in the trailer for season 5 prompted a thought. Way back in Season One we saw Jorah Mormont receive a letter from Varys. Shortly after there is an assassination attempt on Daenerys. It's all set up to look like he has been spying on her and… Continue reading Game of Thrones – a thought – Spoilers

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Peter Dinklage – an Idea….

I have just finished season two of Game and Thrones and I want to talk about one actor in particular - don’t worry no spoilers! In a series packed with good writing, good directing, and good performances his is, for me, the stand-out performance of the show. One of his early roles was in “Living… Continue reading Peter Dinklage – an Idea….