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By Scott Bailey © 2018

You sail down river
Obsessed with reaching the sea
Fertile hills roll by

Image from Pixabay

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Nothing of Note

By Scott Bailey © 2018

For nothing
Our generation
Afraid of our legacy
Empty copies
Of the past
Where’s the new?
The optimistic
These days
It only grows
Where the ground
Is composted
With greed

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In response to the daily prompt Notable

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A Ripple of Reviews

I don’t know if that is the correct collective noun but it should be 🙂

Here are a few reviews I have accrued over time.

Thirteen Tales (of Ghosts)

 Excellently Eerie! AAA+++!! 30 January 2018 

Witty, scary, creepy, delicious, and not without a deft touch of wit! Well-crafted visions of the dark side! So refreshing to discover such beautifully told, original material! If you love ghost stories, this is for you! JanO

Tales that take you to some very different places, some are very dark places. 26 January 2017

All the stories in this collection are very different, savour them one at a time. I was very taken with Cycles, an astute tale of teenage boys, with a twist of course. Fire and Ice takes us somewhere deep… Terminal is a very modern tale, Shipwreck not for the faint hearted. I loved A Ghost Scene, one to amuse. Don’t read The Church at bedtime, be sure your past will catch up with you in ‘Suspense’ and you will not want to live in the country by yourself if you read ‘The Valley. Mother completes the collection with a very dark ending. Whether you like to be entertained or wonder what really lies beyond, this is the book for you. Janet Grogerty

A Spring of Dreams

 A clever and insightful book of poems 21 September 2015

Great concept to write a poem a day for a year and provides an insight into coping with difficult family circumstances – a recommended read for anyone who has struggled in such situations. Some poems were obviously more personal than others (my favourites were those when the writer cherishes the ‘small moments’ in life such as going to a fireworks display with his wife and son) but he also branches out into more political territory. Look out for the funny poems scattered throughout the book too, one, in particular, made me laugh out loud! A good read and Scott Bailey shows talent as a poet. Recommended. M.H.Beton

Mankind Limited

It feels like us, it acts like us 20 August 2015

This book should be a movie. Somewhere in Hollywood right now there are actors waiting for their agents to deliver this story in script format to them. The makings of all action-packed adventure films are here. I can see the film in my mind’s eye.

But this one is different.

It’s not fast-paced for the thrill of it alone. It needs to be to get the message across. Mankind could be on the threshold of just such a future.

This one could be us.

Maybe a few years down the line yet, maybe already almost there in some similar format. Change a few details. Replace one group for another. Look behind the motives in politics and corporations. Stretch the reality just a little. Ask ourselves questions looking through the light of a different lens.

It feels like us, it acts like us, it may very well come to be.

It could be The Secret we all hold and may one day need.

The future may be closer than we think.

It only takes a small leap of imagination to take us from where we are now to Mankind Unlimited.

Scott Bailey is a writer I follow through his WordPress blog.

I downloaded his book a few weeks ago after reading an excerpt from it on his blog. It wasn’t until this week that I finally had the chance to read the book. I like a good action-packed adventure as much as the next one but I liked, even more, what Scott communicated in the story.

I believe there is more to follow and I’ll be waiting. If we have time and I’m still aware… anniehy

Excellent book 21 October 2013

I really enjoyed reading this book and could barely put it down. It is pretty rare for me to get so engrossed in a book, so if you like books about a dystopian future then this is worth a read. Now I want to know what happens next! RuthJ

Fantastic Read 9 September 2013

Really good book, well worth the money could not put it down at times, sad when it got to the end.
I will be reading it again, dont do that with many books. Amazon Customer


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Steel – #writephoto

For Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo prompt

Another bit of short fiction – another continuation of The Dark – and Footsteps, and The Discovery

Here Sue’s photo for this week.



By Scott Bailey © 2018



The water leapt into the air, droplets glinting in the sunlight.

The man watched – was it magic he saw shining there? Was it the blessing he sought?

The water settled quickly and somewhat disappointingly. Through the shimmering ripples, he could see his heavy chain shifting, sinking slowly into the mud.

He sighed. He would miss it. It had been in his family for many generations. It has served them all well.

He had not wanted to part with it.

But he was desperate and the gods needed an offering.

So he had cast it into the holy pool.

He would miss it, but he had nothing else to offer.

Maybe, just maybe the fact that it meant so much to him, that this was a real sacrifice, would be enough.

He watched as the water became calm once more. Ruffled only by the breeze and the slow current of the stream that fed it. Waiting for a sign.

Nothing happened.

He looked up at the druid. The man studied the pool for a few minutes more than shook his head.

Nothing! What a damned waste. He started to turn away in disgust. As he did something glinted. A flash from deep in the pool, in the heart of the coils made by his sunken chain.

There was something there!

He glanced up at the druid for guidance. This was a holy pool, here offering were made – not given back.

But the druid seemed as surprised as he, and excited. He motioned towards the pool.

That was enough, he stepped into the water, thrust his arms between the chain coils and gently cleared away the mud.

It was soon very clear what he had found. It was a sword, not broken, so not an offering that had been cast here. It was whole and as he lifted it from the water it shone. It was clean and undamaged. It might have only been placed here yesterday.

It was of a strange colour. A golden hilt and pommel, but the blade was reddish gold. Like nothing he had ever seen.

He passed it to the druid who wiped it dry on his robe and studied the blade for a long while.

Finally, he spoke.

“The gods have given. This gift is for you. You have been answered.”

“Answered? How?” he replied. How would a sword help him? He knew nothing of fighting – he was not a warrior.

“That will be revealed in time,” muttered the druid. “Maybe they will come to guide you.”

He pointed to the engraving on the blade.

There, he could see two figures. A woman and a man. A man with no eyes.


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By Scott Bailey © 2013

Yet another wall
How many before we’re home?

By No machine-readable author provided. BetacommandBot assumed (based on copyright claims). [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC BY-SA 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

Originally published in A Spring of Dreams

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Birds Eye

By Scott Bailey © 2018

On the beating wing
Birds are party to the truth
From way up on high

Image from Pixabay

In response to RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #198 Beat&Party

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Lunch Hour

Started by Scott Bailey

There were some friends. And a hall. An infinite hall, with marble walls and pillars that stretched forever into the distance.

And there were tables. Row after row after row of tables. On each table was a never-ending supply of a single dish. In that hall, on those tables, there could be found every dish that had ever been imagined, concocted and served up in all of human history.

With a thought you could be sitting before any dish you could think of. Or you could ask your neighbour for a recommendation and try something new. The name of the dish was enough to take you there.

It was time for the friends to eat. They entered and they took their paths through the hall. They commenced their lunch.

As they knew – it was a once only meal.

An hour later they reconvened, look each other in the eyes and assessed their time beneath the infinite arches.

The first spoke.

“I tried as many different tastes as I could. I jumped from table to table and I can honestly say that I know of no one who could have filled their time here with as many different flavours as I. Yet. Now I am here –  wonder why? I stand here before you proudly stating the number of meals I have partaken off – yet I wonder why does that matter? Not one was complete. Have I missed the joy of a meal.”

He hung his head, deep in thought and regret. But the second friend spoke.

“You make me wonder. What taste did I miss? I did not try many different meals, For quite soon I found one that I really enjoyed. I sat down and savoured the taste. People around me did the same and we discussed the meal and more besides. I do not regret that – no it was heartwarming – but I wonder at the tastes I missed. Was there a better meal still that I could have savoured with more relish?”

The third friend looked haunted.

“I did not eat. I wanted to try everything but I realised this was not possible, that it was a dream that could only fail. Yet I felt that to just sit down and eat was an insult to the great hospitality and variety that had been laid before us. I fell in with a group of other like-minded people and we were determined to resolve this dilemma with the gifts of reason we have been bestowed with. I have been a fool.”

“You are all fools!” said a fourth friend.

“I knew the way – I understood the correct combination of meals that would allow perfection! I tried to tell you but you would not listen! So many people did not listen! Fools! But there were some and we understand that we have eaten correctly and that we will be rewarded for that. I pity you – you have wasted your lunch hour.”

Image from Pixabay

In response to the daily prompt Partake

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The Mallet

By Scott Bailey © 2018

The mallet
Ancient tool
Held by many hands
Down through the ages
Hands of skill and experience
Worn and hardened
By labour and care
Resigned to
Tent pegs and vampires

By Janekpfeifer [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
In response to the daily prompt Mallet

I have to say – what a rubbish word today!

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By Scott Bailey © 2018

What is
What is
In the sea
Of information
Might we drown
Before we find the

Image from Pixabay

In response to the daily prompt Authentic

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The Discovery – #writephoto

For Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo prompt

Another bit of short fiction – may be a continuation of The Dark – and Footsteps, maybe not – what do you think?

Here Sue’s photo for this week.


The Discovery

By Scott Bailey © 2018

This was what she lived for – this moment! She had been waiting half her life for it.

She stood at the entrance – entranced. She was almost afraid to take a step further, both savouring the moment and fearing a disappointment.

The tunnel looked old – and it was. But it was nothing she had not seen a thousand times before. It was what lay beyond that had drawn her here.

The tunnel before here was from over a millennia ago. There were many of them scattered around the area. She was as familiar with them as any archaeologist – there had some frisson about them, some mystery as nobody really knew what they had been made for. That, of course, led to many wild theories.

She had no interest in mad theories and folk tales. She was only interested in hard facts. And if what she had been told was true – there would some remarkable finds here.

Three weeks ago, some tourists wandering the tunnels had nearly been killed when one of the walls and part of the floor had clasped. They had revealed something darker and older than the tunnels.

Much older.

Two days ago a colleague of hers had rung her to get her advice on what had been found. When she heard what he described she snatched up her passport – nothing else – and had booked the first flight she could get to see for herself.

Now she was here. She took a deep breath and gripped her torch tightly, then she took a purposeful step inward.

It was a five-minute walk to the scene of the near tragedy. The place was cordoned off with police tape and officers were stationed there. They nodded to her and waved her in. All the locals were excited about the discovery and wanted to know more. They were waiting on her opinion.

She looked into the hole made by the collapse. A vast darkness spread out before here, water dripped into it. Some lights had been hastily strung up on the walls but they were not enough to reach out the full extent of what was obviously a large cave.

A rope ladder stretched downward into the darkness.

This was it.

Holstering her torch she climbed deftly down the ladder. More lights lit the way revealing the wet, jagged wall before here.

When she reached the bottom she found several other people already there. Student by the look of them busy taking careful measurements and photos, but not disturbing anything.

Before them stood an older man – her friend. He was grinning widely.


“This is it?” she whispered.

“This is it,” he murmured in almost reverent tones.

She looked around in awe.

“It’s natural,” she said. He nodded.

“And the evidence for human habitation?” she went on. He grinned again and waved her to a spot where the students were concentrated.

“Here, take a look.”

She knelt down carefully and shone her torch. There, unmistakable to her eyes, was a loose pile of flint spearheads and other tools.

“Is this everything?” she said eagerly – it was enough for her.

“There’s a few other finds but this is the best so far. We have only covered about a quarter of the floor so far.” He smiled wryly now as he saw the light of excitement in her eyes.

“And the walls?”

Now he looked puzzled.

“Well, we haven’t..” he started.

She stood and swept the beam of her torch slowly around the walls.

And stopped.

“Holy crap!” swore the man.

There, high on the cave wall, was the clearest, most detailed cave painting she had ever seen. It was of two distinct figures. Unlike anything she had ever seen before they were almost portrait like in their detail!

One was a young woman holding a spear. The other was a man. A man with no eyes.


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By Scott Bailey © 2018

The arguments go on and on
Side by side
On and on
Both sides sticking
To their course
The problem is
Parallel lines
Never meet

Photo by Jonathan Harrison on Unsplash

In response to the daily prompt Parallel

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By Scott Bailey © 2018

Firewater genie
It lures you with promises
The bottle snaps shut

Image from Pixabay

In response to the daily prompt Genie

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The Internet Genie

Celebrating 25 years of his brainchild the world-wide-web – Tim Berners-Lee called for the creation of a Magna Carta of the internet to protect the openness and freedom it gives.

On hearing this I had a classic cartoon moment. Two versions of me one on each shoulder – the optimist and the cynic.

The optimist was the first to react. He said.

“The genie is out the bottle now. It has grown too big for the state to get any control over. What is more, people have grown used to the freedom now – they will not let it be taken back from them lightly.”

The cynic laughed.

“Don’t you believe it. It will be put back in the bottle trust me. And the people will demand it. Just you wait and see! All it will take are a few well-planned attacks. A few high-profile cyber hack or breaches that instil enough fear. Maybe a bank will lose all of its customer’s money overnight? Millions of people suddenly poor and with no recourse! Pile on a few power grid shutdowns, a few deaths in hospitals due to hacking attacks, a few high profile identity thefts resulting in wrongful arrests and the fear factor will be ratcheted up. A campaign by the Daily Mail and then the vocal minority will be hollering for the government to take control.

“And lo and behold – they will have this law – just laying in the drawer – ready to react.

“Have the last twenty years taught us nothing. Every riot, every murder, every terrorist attack was followed a few weeks later with a new law passed to ‘tackle the threat’. Did we really believe that could write new laws that quick?

“Just watch, bit by bit, horror by horror, they will get us to demand they make us safe and sound – and controlled”

I fear the cynic is correct. Lets us see.

Image from Pixabay

In response to the daily prompt Genie

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By Scott Bailey © 2018

Fingers fly on frets
Sliding, screeching, sighing
And magic emanates
Transporting us

Image from Pixabay

In response to the daily prompt Fret

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By Scott Bailey © 2018

One day, just for fun
The sun arose in the west
And the world went mad

Image from Pixabay (Modified)


In response to RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #197 Fun&Sun

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Crank it Up

By Scott Bailey © 2018

Come on you loons
You warrior poets
You insane ranters
Crank it up!
Give us your ideas!
Give us your brains!
Break the mould
Break the world
So it can be remade

Image from Pixabay

In response to the daily prompt Crank

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By Scott Bailey © 2016

The mystical chord is missing
Congregation of the hearts
Cohesion of resistance
The friction that throws up sparks

Dragons stir on dripping hoards
Squeeze the bloody stones
Build their beds on broken bones
Their hunger ever fed

Lore is twisted into chains
Choking all who dream
Mystic songs have drained away
Silence reigns

Image from Pixabay

In response to the daily prompt Song

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By Scott Bailey © 2018

Rockets fly
In the face of reason
And humanity

Depleted hope
Is as dangerous
And toxic
As depleted uranium

Image from Pixabay

In response to the daily prompt Deplete

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Who’s the Fool

By Scott Bailey © 2013

Listen to all the anger
Hark at all the fury
Just remember that
You no longer own the jury

Humiliate the whistleblower
Make him out a fool
Wielding propaganda
Like an old blunt tool

Don’t you know we’re cynics now
We can see through all the lies
You will have to do much better
Or suffer the surprise.

Image from Pixabay

Originally published in A Spring of Dreams

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By Scott Bailey © 2016

A glimmer of hope
Magically holds our eye
While life passes by

Image from Pixabay

In response to the daily prompt Glimmer

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Footsteps – #writephoto

For Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo prompt

Well, as soon as I saw this week’s picture I thought great! I have THE perfect poem for that – it fits so well. However, I can’t use it as I already have! For another of Sue’s writephoto challenges not so long ago – this one if you are interested.

So I knew I had to write something original. It was difficult to get that poem out of my mind until I hit on another idea – I would write a continuation of the story I did last week. See it here.

So here Sue’s photo for this week.

and here is part two of the story.


By Scott Bailey © 2018

The fear she had been holding back pounded in her chest. Her heart thudded, her breath constricted.

All this time alone, she had been ignoring it, holding it at bay. It had not been difficult. The trials of survival had occupied her. That had been hard enough. Any weakness, any giving into fear, could trip her up. And it might be her final step.

It had been four moons since the storm, the sudden tumult that raised the sea against them, taken every one of the clan.

Everyone she had ever known.

Since then she had walked this land alone, swinging between throwing herself into the sea after her family, and desperately fighting for survival without really knowing why.

Since the storm the weather had been warm and calm, which was good as she had not made any effort to create or find shelter. All she had done was wander and find food.

She was no hunter, but she knew how to forage. She knew where to find fruits and roots that were good to eat. How to find fresh water.

And she could fish. That she could do!

Which was why she had hung by the beach. Though the sea now held an ill-boding threat to her, dark memories threatening to overwhelm her, it was also her only provider.

Her clan had always lived by the coast, travelled along it, living off the plenty of the great water.

Habit, as much as necessity, guided her path now.

Until now.

Footsteps rocked her daze. Shook her out of the fugue she had lived in since the tempest had departed.

They stretched away from her in the sand. They must be fresh, the tide would wash them away.

They led off inland, she followed them with her gaze.

In the distance, far inland, across rolling hills, there rose a dark cliff. In the face of that cliff was a cave.

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Small Fish

By Scott Bailey © 2018

In the shallows
Small fish dart
Disturbing the sand

In the deep
Sharks swim silent

Image from Pixabay


In response to the daily prompt Disrupt

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Posting Problems and Prompts

Apologies to my followers for posting the same post two days in a row but it was to try and get to the bottom of an issue, For some reason that particular post is not showing on the relevant Daily Post page. WordPress are looking into it 🙂

But while I am here – do any of my WordPress buddies out there know of any prompts that take place on a Wednesday or Friday? I have Monday, Tuesday and Thursday covered – but I need a kick up the proverbial on those days – in addition to the Daily Prompt.


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The Deep Deep Dark

By Scott Bailey © 2018

Beware the lure
The luminescent wonder
Bobbing in the deep
Drawing you nearer

Javontaevious at English Wikipedia [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons
In response to the daily prompt Luminescent

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Also – rush reminded me of the opposite. A song which sums me up in many ways.



In response to the daily prompt Rush

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By Scott Bailey © 2018

The sun is just shy
Of setting in the west to
Birds’ sweet lullaby

Image from Pixabay


In response to RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #196 Shy&Sweet

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By Scott Bailey © 2018

Turn the poet
Bitter and ale
Are no
As they
Slip away

Image from Pixabay

In response to the daily prompt Thwart

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By Scott Bailey © 2018

After forty-eight years
My mind is still
Like my rage
When they stop fighting
Maybe I will be complete

Image from Pixabay

In response to the daily prompt Inchoate

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By Scott Bailey © 2018

Life is a haul
Not a journey
Or a mystery
No heaven to aim for
No rules but survival
Just a haul

Is enlightenment
Pull where you need to
Concentrate your energy
Be keen

Image from Pixabay

In response to the daily prompt Haul

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The Dark – #writephoto

For Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo prompt

Again, I missed last weeks and this week has been so busy I almost missed this too! However this week has been a good kind of busy as I have been on Holiday with the wife and kids. Lots of days out adventuring and my eldest’s birthday party right at the end!

So this is this weeks photo from Sue.

Unusually for me – this immediately suggested some prose to me, rather than poetry. In fact, the following scene arrived almost fully formed in my mind. It’s not part of anything I am working on or thinking about – it’s completely new to me – as fresh as is it to anyone else who reads it. I am not sure what it’s about or where it’s going? I am quite excited to find out myself!

That might take a while though. I think it will need some time to ferment – or maybe not – maybe I should just get on with it – not knowing where it’s going. Not my usual approach but hey – maybe it will work.

Anyway – here it is.

The Dark

By Scott Bailey © 2018

He stood in the mouth of the cave and breathed in the sweet morning air. He was right on the junction of the entrance – he could feel the cold air behind him, the warm before.

It was a natural balance he appreciated.

The cave had been a good find. It was warm at night and inaccessible to larger animals. Not too difficult to get to for him – but a challenge.

The warmth was important, he could no longer risk fires. Not for a while anyway. Maybe he could work something out eventually – how would probably need to before winter arrived.

If he survived that long.

He shook himself, discarding that line of thought. He had survived this long. This latest setback was just another challenge.

It was a rather large one though.

He felt the wood of his spear shaft starting to warm in the morning sun. It’s smoothness satisfied him as he ran his fingers along it. Hours of care had been worth it. He reached the tip and checked the sharpness of the flint head carefully. It was still good. He had a stash of spares in the cave ready.

He squatted down and run his fingers over the fine gravel that was scattered on the small ledge before the mouth of the cave. He brought it to his nose. It felt and smelt freshly wet – more than dew – there must have been a light rain overnight, that would account for the freshness of the air. That would make the path down from the cave more dangerous, but it should also bring out more game.

He stood, cocked his head and listened intently in the darkness. He could hear many birds circling and far below, many beasts on the plain. Yes, hunting would be good today. Challenging – but the opportunity was there.

Another sound caught his attention and a scent, faint but unmistakable.

Somebody was approaching!

He shifted his stance, dropped into defensive readiness and waited.

This would be the first real challenge he had faced since he had lost his sight two days ago.

He was determined it would not be his last.


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In exultation
Shoots arise, reaching skyward
Until sharp blades sweep

Image from Pixabay


Tenuous synonyms for my haiku – again


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By Scott Bailey © 2018

The meadow’s monarch
Surveys his green realm with hope
Before the sun sinks

Image from Pixabay

In response to RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #195 Regal&Hopeful

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Explorers (A Florette)

By Scott Bailey © 2013

We brave explorers together
Wearing imitation leather
And as silent as a feather
We toiled through the darkest weather onto our prize

Through mountains and valleys, we walked
By tigers and lions were stalked
And as brave as we always talked
There came a time when we just baulked against the size

Of the hunger in our bellies
Off with our explorer wellies
Broke out the ice cream and jellies
And retreated to the telly’s noisy comfort

Image from Pixabay

In response to the daily prompt Explore

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By Scott Bailey © 2018

Shining across the galaxy
Around the darkest of places
From darkness
Light is born
To darkness

By The Hubble Heritage Team (AURA/STScI/NASA)NASA Headquarters – Greatest Images of NASA (NASA-HQ-GRIN) –;jsessionid=1sl2so6lc9mab?id=GPN-2000-000933&orgid=12, Public Domain, Link

In response to the daily prompt Radiant

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